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No one
is more interested
in your future
than us.


Experts for experts.

The essential factor differentiating us from other recruitment agencies is our clear focus on specific selected business sectors. That is why we can offer you specialised expertise and a tight-meshed network in the following fields:

  • Management Assistance
  • Customer Service
  • Account Management
  • Accounting
  • Controlling
  • Taxes
Human Resources
  • Personnel Officer
  • Payroll
  • Personnel Processing
  • Fund Accounting
  • Investment Banking
  • Client Service
  • Projekt Management
  • Planning
  • Creative

A fresh start, backed up by experience.

As a company, we are rather young. As personnel consultants, we are highly experienced. Our well-founded recommendations are based on active listening, undestanding and know-how.

  • Jürgen Bröcher, founder, bringing together professionals and exciting companies for 15 years, renowned for his 100% reliability.
  • Judith Gmeiner, first contact for applicants, years of experience as human resources officer, a sharp eye for development potential.

More room
for personal

Open to your future.

As highly specialised personnel consultants, we can provide much more than attractive jobs with attractive companies.

We offer a long-term partnership that can answer all questions arising along your career path.


Our offer,
developed from
your point of view.

The instant solution: Temporary employment.

Given the right circumstances, temporary employment can be a very efficient solution – and include appealing prospects. We offer:

  • exceptionally well qualified employees
  • uncomplicated, flexible handling
  • an above-average hiring ratio

The sustainable solution: Personnel recruitment.

Our first focus was on the commercial segment, but the EXFILE portfolio has expanded since: In addition to finance and banking professionals, we now offer personnel solutions for human resources, office and marketing. We provide:

  • consulting customized to your expectations
  • professional searches without detours
  • prompt presentation of candidates
  • excellent customer references

The transitory solution:
Interim management.

There are times when entrepreneurial challenges call for the assignment of an external manager. In that case, we supply:

  • competence backed by references
  • fast incorporation due to high expertise
  • absolute discretion
  • plus our free EXFILE bonus: a non-binding orientation talk with a project manager experienced in the respective field

The highend solution:
Executive search.

When fresh leadership is what you need, you can rely on our understanding, precision and methodology. We support you from A to Z:

  • with the wording of your individual requirements
  • with the assessment of chosen candidates based on our diagnostic background
  • with our focused business sector competence
  • with result-driven processes, adressing likely candidates quickly and efficiently

More attractive region,
more interesting talents.

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